The Modern Bartender is BCs proud distributor of The Apothecary Bitters Companys bitters. They’re local, handcrafted in small batches and they’re delicious.

Retail per bottle: $21.95
Wholesale Distribution: $14.95 per bottle (case of 10)

“Our goal is not only to come up with creative and aperitive flavor combinations but to do so in a way that the final flavor profile compliments and enhances cocktails and spirits. We believe that bitters should be a complex blend of flavors and aromas, not one dimensional or single flavored, so to add layers of depth and flavor to your mixology.” usurp from www.apothecarybitters.com

Core flavors:

Aromatic (General Ambroses) “Pungent, complex, and wood aged: our aromatic bitters have strong notes of dried fruits, cinnamon, tobacco, vanilla, and tannins.”

Recommended spirits: Rum, Gin and all Whisk(e)y.
Recommended cocktails: Old Fashioned, Ti Punch or a Trinidad Sour.

Cherry Cedar (Spirit Fire) “Fragrant and delicious, the bold primary flavors of dark cherries and cedar wood are supported by an undercurrent of rich spice, a nice bitterness and notes of the forest.”

Recommended spirits: Rye, Bourbon, Gin and Sweet Vermouth.
Recommended cocktails: Manhattan, Martini or a Sazerac.

Smokey Pear (Mystic Caravan) “Rich and aromatic, these bitters have a deep pear flavor and a bold smoke aroma and taste, supported by an undertone of lemon, dark spices, honey and tannins.”

Recommended spirits: Brandy, Scotch, Mezcal and Amaro.
Recommended cocktails: Vieux Carre, Scotch Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier.

Cacao Coffee (The Darkness) “Dark and rich, the deep chocolate essence and strong notes of coffee are supported by undertones of dark spices, cinnamon, a warm bitterness and a subtle orange note.”

Recommended spirits: Bourbon, Rum, Tequila and Port.
Recommended cocktails: Mai Tai, Mint Julep, Margarita or a Rob Roy.

Lime (Tlalocan) “Bright and versatile, the intense fresh lime flavor and aroma is supported by floral undertones, Latin flavor notes, a crisp bitterness and just a hint of spices.”

Recommended spirits: Mezcal, Rum, Gin and Pisco.
Recommended cocktails: Pisco Sour, Dark & Stormy or a Gin & Tonic.

Seasonal Flavor(s):


Floral Citrus (Heliotropic) “Bright and fresh, the intense citrus flavor and aroma is full of depth and is supported by a wonderful floral nose underneath with strong notes of elderflower, Pacific Northwest hops and lemon verbena.”

Recommended spirits: Gin, Tequila and sparkling wine.
Recommended cocktails: Martini, Negroni, Paloma or a Seelbach Cocktail.




The Modern Bartender is a distributor of Giffards syrups as well. Giffards Website.

Retail per bottle: $17.95
Wholesale: $14.95 per bottle (case of 6)