The Modern Bartender is a retail store catering to the home cocktail enthusiast and the pro bartender


The Modern Bartender opened it’s doors in September of 2012, the first store of its kind in the city of Vancouver. With cocktail culture growing rapidly and our populations desire to imbibe with attention to detail, it seemed the time for this kind of store had come.
Almost 1,000 square feet of every bartenders tool, glassware, reading material, Syrup and gadget you can imagine and more. And Bitters? Well we have well over 100 flavors and growing. And now we’re proud to offer the “Make your own Bitters” section, complete with everything needed to become your own home
mad scientist!

Not strictly a spot for bartenders per se (be they home or professional) our store caters to many other imbibing needs; having a Tiki party? We have all the classic recipe books, tiki mugs and even mid century style lounge shirts to pull it all off with. Looking for a quality Aerator for the fancy french wine you just picked up? No problem.
In fact, with an impressive selection of hard to find items such as Acid Phosphate, Whiskey stones, high end Japanese mixing tools or simply top quality Ginger Beer, we really feel we have it covered!

Of course we are happy to offer gift cards as well, just in case you aren’t sure which item to get as a gift for your own “Modern Bartender”!


The Modern Bartender
28 E Pender St
Vancouver V6A 3V6
British Columbia

Monday to Saturday, 10-6
Sunday, 12-6

phone 604 684-1747
email sales@themodernbartender.com